Our Client Profile

F. Dennis De Stefano CPA CFP is the Chief Investment Officer and President of Maui Hawaii based De Stefano Wealth Management. Our Fee-Only Wealth Management firm specializes in Professional Investment Management.

YOU DESIRE freedom from worrying about your money so you can focus on other things in life, such as family, friends, career, physical health, spirituality and the pursuit of happiness.

You wish to increase the certainty of achieving your Life Goals, such as a Secure Retirement and Financial Independence.

You recognize that "financial information" is not necessarily knowledge, and that it is not a substitute for wisdom, experience and well-informed professional judgment.

You are motivated to actively participate in the planning process, are ready to make tough decisions and delegate authority, and are prepared to accept changes in your prior financial decisions where necessary to maximize the attainment of your Life Goals.

You require the on-going services of a Professional Financial Advisor and are not merely seeking one-time financial advice or validation of your prior financial decisions.

You wish to have your investments professionally managed and have Investible Assets of at least $750,000.

YOU DESIRE a Long-Term Professional Relationship that is based on mutual respect and trust.