Firm Profile

Over 35 Years of Service to Our Clients (1982-2019)

F. Dennis De Stefano CPA CFP is the Chief Investment Officer and President of Maui Hawaii based De Stefano Wealth Management. Our Fee-Only Wealth Management firm specializes in Professional Investment Management.

De Stefano Wealth Management is Hawaii’s Oldest Fee-Only Wealth Management Firm and has serviced as Trusted Advisors to a limited number of qualified individuals since 1982.

De Stefano Wealth Management has been recognized by Medical Economics magazine as one of “The Best Financial Advisers for Doctors” (2002-2010) and was selected by Bloomberg Wealth Manager Magazine for its inaugural list (2001) of “Top 150 Wealth Managers in the Country”.

As Fee-Only Wealth Managers, we do not sell financial products nor receive commissions or referral fees. This allows us to avoid conflicts of interest, eliminates product bias, and maintains objectivity when providing professional investment management and financial planning services to our clients.

We first help our clients organize their financial affairs and plan their financial future by preparing a Comprehensive Personal Financial Plan. Then, we manage their investments and counsel their financial decision-making towards the successful achievement of their Life Goals, such as Financial Security for their family, College Education for their children, a Secure Retirement and ultimately Financial Independence.

More specifically, we help our clients Accumulate wealth through retirement planning, cash-flow analysis and tax management; Grow their wealth through professional investment management; Protect their wealth through risk management and asset protection strategies; Enjoy their wealth by helping them clearly define their Life Goals through an intensive goal-setting process; and Transfer their wealth through estate planning and Medicaid planning.


We Passionately Believe -

  • As Fiduciaries we must put the interests of our clients first.

  • Our Fee-Only (not fee-based) Structure that allows us to avoid conflicts of interest, eliminates product bias, and maintains objectivity when advising our clients.

  • Each Client Is Unique and consequently we must first take the time to understand who you are and what are your concerns, needs, hopes and dreams. Only then can we develop a Financial Plan and Investment Program that is tailored to your unique circumstances.

  • Our Holistic Approach to each client’s unique circumstances, using our exclusive Financial Independence Planning Process, can increase the certainty of achieving your Life Goals and ultimately achieve Financial Independence.

  • Our Team Approach that utilizes the skills of financial specialists such as institutional money managers, estate planning attorneys and CPAs.

  • The Active Management Of Investment Risk is the key to long-term investment success. It is vital to understand that investment management cannot control investment returns because no one controls security prices.  Investment management can only control risk.

  • Our Unique Approach to Asset Allocation that incorporates the historical precedent of Strategic Asset Allocation and the market insight of Tactical Asset Allocation, and thus allows us to maintain both a broadly diversified portfolio and the flexibility to adjust the portfolio in light of changing market conditions.

An old Chinese proverb says, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

Isn’t it time you take that First Step? If our client profile resonates with you, we invite you to take advantage of our Complimentary Confidential Consultation. At these meetings it will be our objective first to help you access your financial needs and concerns, and then demonstrate how our services can increase the certainty of achieving your Life Goals.